P2P Synchronization and Sharing

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Requirements: MacOSX/Linux/Windows running Java 7 or newer.

This project is open-source software. If you are interested, visit the discussion forum and the GitHub repository!


If you ever have been in the situation of needing to synchronize data across your devices and friends, you know that most common tools are either slow or unsecure, maybe even both. Peergroup is an approach that empowers you to sync your devices using P2P technology. You can also sync with your friend's devices, allowing you to collaboratively work on a project with them or simply share data, there are no limits in the world of file based data!

Peergroup is:

  • Private:
    All shared data is never located anywhere else but on your devices and your sharing partner's devices.
  • Secure:
    Data transfers are all encrypted using AES.
  • Fast:
    The P2P data exchange is inspired by the BitTorrent technology that has proven to deliver fast distribution of data across many devices.


Peergroup manages the devices and users using (password protected) XMPP Multi-User-Channels. So all you need to use Peergroup is an XMPP account, currently one per device. Registering an XMPP account is free and does not require any personal data. Just join to the same Multi-User-Channel with all your devices using the Peergroup client, and they will sync the data in the shared folder automatically.